I dont know whether or not this will ake sense when I finally get some sleep but I feel the need to express myself and i want to do it now!

why is it that when things are put in the spotlight by the media, that is the only time when people notice it. . .  once they are out of the limelight. .  it is out of people’s minds too the only people who will never ever forget are the people that are directly affected by it . . .for example, the Haiti situation; since the media stopped covering it, so have our statuses on facebook, twitter, blah lah lah! it sad to know that people only think of things when it is forced into their brain and only a minute amount of selfless people remember not to forget about the people in need. .  I am not saying that I am a saint because I do it as well but I do think it would be nice if we could all dedicate a fraction of our time to remembering those in need and thinking of different little ways in which we can use to help the even if it is just by praying or donating old clothes to a charity shop (I’m sure you don’t need all those clothes in your closet =] ) what I did was set an alarm on my phone and i set this alarm to a time of the day that I am NEVER busy so i have no excuse to turn it off without doing something productive in regards to those who need help or are in some sort of physical or emotional pain. . . it feels good to help so let’s help ourselves by helping others

I hope this touched one person at least that’s the thought that keeps me going. .  .

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  1. This is just one of the reason’s I think your a top bird darling! ;0) xx


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