The Beauty of Nature

So I was on the train this morning and I don’t know what compelled me to look out the window but I’m glad I did because what I saw was A M A Z I N G. It was a fox just laying there, curled up in a ball and sleeping and I honestly don’t know why I found this so fascinating as I’m not exactly a fox lover but it just made me appreciate life a little more and so I’ve decided to make sure I try to notice the beauty of the things around me a little bit more. Life is good.

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My eleven year old sister’s poem (I’m so proud)

A friend is there
From start to end
Far or near
Here to mend
A true friend
Will be there
From every hug to every tear
Always share
Never disappear
For a click of the finger
And they appear

To mend my broken heart
And bring a smile to your face
They will never be too far away…

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Lies, in my language(yoruba) its called. “iro” I think that word sounds better for some reason. Why do we lie? I think we lie because we are selfish. Sure we think by sparing someone of the truth about the seriousness of a situation we are helping them but technically, we do it to help ourselves. If we don’t see the hurt, disappointment in another person’s eyes we don’t get to feel bad. I mean sure, we feel guilty about the lie but synthe same time we feel good about the fact that we think we have “spared” someone’s feelings. The irony of the situation is thath the truth ALWAYS comes out in the end and we just worsen the situation we were trying to avoid in the first place

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Hello world!

Well hellooooo world!            My blog virginity has finally been taken by  😛

This is officially my first blog and I am beyond excited, I mean. .  people can finally read my thoughts . . great stuff. . . well the crazy occasional misanthrope will start her blogging life tomorrow. . . I will be discussing the human brain and lies. . . I run this! :D. . .  .Really. .  I do.

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